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Re: Aikido no good for self defense??

Tony Sapa wrote:
I studied Aikido for 3 months and found myself going back to muay thai..I think bruce lee said it best in TAO OF JEET KUNE DO "worse still,super mental power and spiritual this and spiritual that are desperately incorporated until these practitioners drift further and further into mystery and abstraction.All such things are futile attempts to arrest and fix ther ever-changing movements in combat and to dissect and analyze them like a corpse.When you get down to it,real combat is not fixed and is very much alive.The fancy mess (a form of paralysis) solidifies and conditions wha was once fluid,and when you look at it realistically,it is nothing but a blind devotion to the systematic uselessness of practicing routines or stunts that lead nowhere.When real feeling occure,such as anger or fear,can the stylist express himself with the classical method,or is he merely listening to his own screams and yells?

I dont know about you guys,but it seems like this quote was aimed towards aikido practioners.
What you're describing sounds more like something about classical forms of Karate, with fixed katas and strikes that hit the air and carry no power.

Aikido's movement is based on solid physical principles, and it _only_ works when it is live, adaptive, unrestricted, and encompasses common sense.

Within 3 months you are still learning how to do static, as opposed to dynamic, techniques with no real power or intent, and are incapable of dynamic ukemi, so no one is either attacking or throwing you all too seriously.

I'm sorry to hear that the learning curve was too slow for your liking - hey, to each their own.
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