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Re: Silent ukemi, or not...

Jon Smith wrote:
First, never try to control your partners fall. Just do the technique right and let uke do the rest. Trying to control where he lands is going to probably drive him into the mat and possibly at an angle because your "control" is adding momentum while he is in a fall.
Not sure I agree with this.
If I'm shite, I want uke to go where I want him to go, not where [s]he wants to go. I can't have much control over uke if they can pick & choose how & where they want to go.
It's uke's job to learn to take punishment so shite can learn to develop focused power and unleash it in a controlled manner (within reason of course. You shouldn't be smashing hapless uke far beyond their ukemi level. Shouldn't need to be said, but just in case I was about to be burnt in effigy).

Jon Smith wrote:
As uke, you take care of falling by yourself..
Most definitely agree with that.

Re kiai: I went & watched a class with a friend last night, & one of their seniors had a kiai for every occasion. "he", "har", "ho", "so", & the list went on. Quite bizarre to my mind. !
He would alternate them with each repetition of a technique:
"he", "har", "he"
"har", "he", "har"
I would have thought that doing a kiai so many times within a single, relatively short technique (pretty much 1 for every movement) would slow it all down to hell. Mind you, he was practising quite slowly.

Found it a bit puzzling...
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