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Re: Lack of spirituality

i would hang in there.
sometimes you have to "polish the spirit" through training and
in other words,you have to wear down the body to feel the spiritual value of life.
there are schools that are directed towards the physical aspect of aikido,like what the police learn and use.

either way you should have respect and accept your instructor as sensei. if he knows you dont take him seriously,then you can't expect him to take you seriously.(the golden rule)

luckily my sensei would spend atleast 5 min discussing the nature of energy,and purification of spirit.

i would like to end with knowledge from my sensei shintaku:
"anyone can copy a movement,but if you dont know the concepts behind the movement,it will never work in your favor."

like a car ,wont move without fuel
you can know how to drive the car ,and know its functions,
but if theres no fuel,its not going to go.

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