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Re: prices

Dario Rosati wrote:
In my situation, as an aikido starter I don't feel (for now) the urge to spend 130/day in a seminar held by a VII+ dan, for a "diminishing returns" reason.... I'd rather pick 3 seminars by lower ranked masters.
I'll bet for skilled practitioners is the opposite, but the total spending should remain constant.

This is a good point. As one who is just beginning to to teach seminars around the US and Canada, I can say that this is one of the positive aspects of the highest ranked teachers charging more... Saotome Sensei raised his fees quite consciosly in order to push a bit of the demand to his senior students. Now, there are a good number of the Sixth Dans who are teaching around and the variety of experience is wonderful. Some fabulous seminars are being taught by these folks who are just "arriving" at the top levels so to speak.

When you attend a seminar by one of the "junior" seniors you get someone who is still excited about travelling and teaching, one who is just estblishing his reputation and will therefore be quite eager to do a really good job. As I mentioned in another thread, I have seen some seminars taught by very senior folks who appeared to just be going through the motions, very burnt out.

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