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Re: Lack of spirituality

Allow me to wet my beak on this thread.

It seems to me the answer is quite simple: Mr. Daas should find another teacher. Why? Because he already knows what he wants. Expectations already exist and Mr. Daas stands to gain little except frustration.

I apologize if what I write next offends: Spiritual teachers are often lame, nutty, and have exactly nothing to with Rock'n'Roll or Life-Itself. How do I know this? Let me put it this way: I am one of those in-the-closet-about-being-lamely-New-Age cases. I like lighting incense and looking at pictures of Baby Krishna stealing butter. I like chanting AUM. I have rudra beads, dammit. And being one of these silly people I have come into contact with my far share of people who teach spirituality. Guess what? 99% of these guys are complete crap, or at least lame with very few dancing skills.

When I step onto the mat, I am there to train Aikido. I am not there to analyze or contemplate. I am not there to agree or disagree with what is being taught. Since it is a physical activity, I cannot deny its reality. Good teachers organize activity and act as guides for the practice. My teachers are not there to hand out morsels of ki and enlightenment; that would be authoritative, spiritual thuggery.

The problem spiritual 'practices' especially as they exist as a 'classroom' activity (and this is for a lot of things, not just Aikido) is that they quickly turn from good training sessions into patting eachother on the back for being such good spiritual people.

'Preaching to the Choir'....think on this for a second.

Would anyone really gain anything by going to a teacher who they already understand and agree completely with?
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