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Re: Lack of spirituality

s it just me, or is the spiritual essense of Aikido oftenly ignored by those who teach it? I have an Aikido instructor (I dare not to call him Sensei) which totaly niglects the spiritual aspects of Aikido, can this man even be labeld an Aikido teacher? The oneness, is that not where Aikido is truely about?
I avoided commenting on this thread when it first popped up just because i felt that it wasn't worth my time to comment on. But after thinking about it there is a short blurb i would like to add.

The techniques in aikido are the physical manifestation of the spiritual side. Why talk about the spiritual side, when you can show it? You don't need someone to lecture you about it (though this doesn't always hurt.) The physical side is another way of looking at the spiritual side.

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