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Re: prices

Anat Eliraz (Amitay) wrote:
just want to know what others think of this.
For what I've seen in my first year of aikido, aikido seminars and standard aikido practice here in Italy are relatively cheap, cheaper to what sensei Ledyard posted about the US.

Prices for seminars goes from as low as 10-20 euros/day to 90-130 euros/day, depending on who attends and how many attend as sensei(s), where is the seminar, how big is the place accomodating the seminar, how many practitioners are expected to show up, and many other things.
Only seminars by shihans (any style) can be rated as "expensive", but you can easily figure why.
Regular training may vary from 250 to 600/year (sept to june).

Some seminars are a real bargain even compared to regular training prices, if you consider the total hours/days of traing and the "concentration" of training in a seminar, in which you learn more and faster than in regular practice, IMHO.
For example, this summer I've attended an excellent 5 days (20 hours) seminar of a renowned V Dan sensei for 90, and a three days (18 hours) mixed MA seminar of two senseis (IV Dan Aikido one, V Dan KSR the other), for only 100, food and sleep (in a wonderful Zen monastery) included.

I think you should be more specific and provide some examples, because the variables involved in deciding a seminar price are quite a lot... not counting that "expensive" is a very relative concept based on personal incomes

Probably, "best bang for the buck" is aiming for local skilled senseis, or simply choosing wisely what you're looking for in a seminar... In my situation, as an aikido starter I don't feel (for now) the urge to spend 130/day in a seminar held by a VII+ dan, for a "diminishing returns" reason.... I'd rather pick 3 seminars by lower ranked masters.
I'll bet for skilled practitioners is the opposite, but the total spending should remain constant.


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