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Richard Elliott
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Re: Lack of spirituality

Larry Camejo wrote:
Interesting topic.

I think any instructor can only instruct what he knows. If spirituality is an important thing to him (like it was to Ueshiba M.), then it will appear in everything he does, including his instruction.

To assume that training in Aikido "should" leave one with some spiritual or philosophical insights is like saying that going to Church "will" get you saved. The result has much more to do with you than the person at the front of the room imo.

Just my thoughts.

Good thoughts Larry. I will add that in any arena where philosophical, religious, or "deeep" stuff is the subject, it's necessary to have a sense of humor about it all and anybody that can't find something humorous... well, I just don't trust 'em.

Also, man, sometimes going to Church "will" just get YOU MAD-- or worse CRAZY! I remember a troubling time in my religious life (and not just for me at the time). I didn't like what the priest was laying down and after the service I was so distracted I ran my motorcycle thru a road block of 2X4 boards. Another time during the singing I threw my hymnal down on the pew, hard, and stomped out la,de,da. Well it didn't do no good of course, but oh, man, was I serious. I think some of my friends got a good chuckle.
This was many moons ago by the way. Today, I just stand up and shout "Foul !"

Respectfully, Richard
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