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Anat Amitay
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Hello everybody,
I hope what I write will not sound offensive, but I really want to know what other people think and what happens in their home country.
We have quite alot of senseis visiting my country for seminars and I think it's great, since students can open up to all kinds of styles and see how very high ranking senseis work.
The problem is that some seminars of this kind are very very expensive, and it cuts down on the people who can actually come to the seminar (except for coming and watching from the side- but you all know that's not the same).
I thought that if some prices were lower, and more people came to the seminar, the total funding will be higher.
I know some of these senseis live off teaching and that's great, but don't they want to reach out to as many people as possible?
I talkied with some people in my dojo and some friends that train in other dojos and some think the same. Some of us are students (highschool or university) and don't have very much spare money. Also the economic situation is not that great, so I feel that even though there is the option of senseis coming here, some are quite literally "out of reach" (so close and yet so far?).
I'm not talking about going to all seminars as the cause of too much money need, but even one seminar that each class or day are very expensive.
just want to know what others think of this.
thanks in advace and enjoy training.
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