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Re: aikido crisis. :(

Jeanne Shepard wrote:
Change is terrifying, but can be exhilarating.
IMHO, change is natural and inevitable, so we need to accept what is. Also, change isn't nearly as terrifying as staying the same way, doing the same things even though they don't work, for the rest of my life. Change has a chance at success. Staying the same is guaranteed failure.

Alan Watts wrote a great book on The Wisdom of Insecurity. It states that most security is based on things staying the same. Since nothing stays the same, it is best to accept the insecurity that comes from change. Paradoxically, if the map in the head accepts the insecurity of change, and the external reality changes, there isn't nearly as much insecurity. In fact, there is more peace of mind because we are not in conflict resisting what is.

I also agree that training/life has developmental plateaus (read George Leonard on Mastery). Its these plateaus/crisis that really gives the opportunity to grow to the next level.

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