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Re: aikido crisis. :(

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, a crisis is the opportunity to question and grow. Is this really about Aikido or is something else going on in your life or have you hit this wall before in other endeavors? I think, this internal battle is the real Aikido.

Compassion and empathy.
Pema Chodren wrote about this in one of her books. She commented that it is quite typical. The student first comes in and starts training (in her case it is in Tibetan Buddhism) and is overjoyed. "This is the best thing ever. Training is changing my life" etc. But after some period of time that student will come to her and say that meditation isn't doing it for them like it was, that they have issues with her that they have discovered, any number of complaints. Often it is at this stage that they quit. She tried to get them to understand that it is precisely this point that they have been proceeding towards and now their real training can commence.

I have found this to be quite true over the years. Most people who start Aikido never really get off the ground, they are gone almost before they are there. But of the ones that stay after the initial startup period, the next big crisis point is around 3rd or 2nd kyu. That's when the first realization starts to take hold that if they stay, they are going to change. And most people do not really want to change. So various dissatisfactions are discovered where there were none previously. Something about the practice is lacking, something about the teacher is now disappointing, suddenly work is too demanding, the spouse seems less supportive... whatever.

I think Lynn is absolutely right in directing you to look inwards for the cause of this loss of enthusiasm. If this is part of a pattern you should note it perhaps think about what to do to push through it.

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