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Re: Aikido on a wasp

I find that given the extreme thinness of the limbs; nikkyo works quite well against wasps. Sankyo's not too great; since the claw tends to come off in your hand and dismemberment tends to annoy ukes. Overall if applying aikido against a wasp; I advise against techniques that turn ukewasp's back to you - for obvious reasons.
Clearly; any zempo is out of the question as well; since it just gives uke sufficient airspeed for takeoff.
Kaitenage is good; since getting one of its arms behind its back will also trap the wings.
I'd also advise against any atemi or fake to the eyes; it's almost certain to fail - the wasp's got about 10,000 of 'em; it can afford to lose a few.
Also keep in mind that when facing a wasp it's entirely likely you'll be facing the whole bloody nest; so get ready for some serious randori - they might be only an inch long; but 1000 on one is still 1000 on one. If this situation occurs; I recommend a jo.
In order to give enough speed and reaction (and pain tolerance) to bash the little buggers; I recommend doing an 8-ball of coke as well.

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