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Re: aikido crisis. :(

Hi ya Sita, I agree with all the previous posts, but would ask, what are you looking for in Aikido? If it is a spiritual aspiration that is driving you, I think I can understand your dilemma. Perhaps you are looking for more than Aikido can give. I have a deep respect for Aikido and especially O'Sensei and his teachings, but I'm puzzled by people thinking that practicing movement of any kind is a REAL path to enlightenment. For sure concentrating the ever-moving mind tends to slow it down, but this is not the experience of ‘Kensho' ( The seeing of the inner light). This is an Essential Experience in a Human Beings life and the only real Treasure, it can be experienced by anyone, even if paralyzed from the neck down! Or blind . So if you want to experience the spiritual then do so, but in stillness and silence, and when you are practicing Aikido do only that and don't confuse the two things. Here are some more quotes from O'sensei that emphasize this;
‘Foster and polish the Warrior Spirit while serving in the world; Illuminate the path according to YOUR INNER LIGHT',
‘You cannot see or touch the Divine with your gross senses. The Divine is within you, not somewhere else. Unite yourself to the Divine, and you will be able to perceive gods wherever you are, but do not try to grasp or cling to them'.
‘The Divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, IT IS INSIDE OF US. Construction of shrine and temple buildings is not enough. Establish yourself as a living Buddha image'
To experience Kensho we must look for it INSIDE and this involves closing the eyes that look out and using the power of sight on the inside! This is very hard to do, as the mind loves to look out and chase the things of everyday life but it is not impossible. Find yourself a teacher who can initiate you into these hidden depths, O'Sensei went outside of the martial arts to be guided to enlightenment and so can you. Practice Aikido for what it is, the most beautiful MA of all. I have seen one other MA form that gets near for me and that was watching a Chinese lady complete the 48 form Yang style exercise (Tai Chi), it was full of power, grace and beauty. This will be the next MA style I hope to learn. Malcolm.
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