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Kami wrote:
Hello, All!

I'm against competition not because it's done in this way or that way, judo-like or in a comparative format, as in Taigi.
I'm against it for the same reasons O-Sensei was : "There are no contests in the Art of Peace. A true warrior is invincible because he or she contests with nothing. "Defeat" means to defeat the mind of contention that we harbor within".
So, IMHO, it does not matter if we do our competition in a Tomiki Format or in a demonstration format as Ki-Aikido. We are competing, that is, there are rules, judges, a desire to win at all costs (who enters in a competition and do not desire to win?) and there will be winners and losers. The winners will be full of pride and the losers will feel bad. Both will be out of center. Perhaps, Ki-Aikido competitions are worse, since we delude ourselves : "THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION! IT'S A FRIENDLY DEMONSTRATION, WITH NO WINNERS AND NO LOSERS!" Sorry, but there will be winners and losers and it IS a competition.
Also, as in all competitive formats, the art of Aikido will suffer. See judo at Kyuzo Mifune's time and see judo now, after the inclusion of competitions. Judo became a competitive sport, not a martial art. The number of techniques were severely reduced; pure technique has been supplanted by strength; and it's very common to see winners jump and strut like peacocks around the arena, with a savage happiness in their faces, whilst losers get out absolutely dismayed. I saw brazilian champion Aurélio Miguel crying uncontrollably after winning JUST the second place...The same thing happened in Karate and, in the worst possible way, in Taekwondo.
Sorry, but I believe competition is eminently bad. Let's hope it never happens in Aikido and that it may continue as it is : an art.
Just my 2 cents...

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Competition is part and parcel of life. It is linked to one's ego. Only the enlightened masters like O'sensei who have reached that high level of oneness with the universe can truly reject competition. For the rest of us, trying to reject competition is like trying to reject our humanity. The fact is that at our level we can't do it so forcing ourselves not to have competitive thoughts is forcing ourselves to be something we are not. Everything in nature has its good points and bad points and that includes competition. If the competition is done in a positive atmosphere of mutual learning then why not. One final note, the setting of the competition can be a very positive one like Ki Society's taigi competition. Yes, there will be winners but whether there will be any losers really depend on how the individual look at it. Whether the individual will see it like: yes the other competitors did not win but they take with them the valuable experience, the friendships gain in the course of the competition, so no they are not losers. Or like: there must be winners and losers in every competition, if you don't win, you're a LOSER! Well.. it all depends on the individual.
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