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Just because something is done in a competitive event, doesn't make it any easier to do. An average Ki Society taigi is composed of 6 techniques done on both sides, or a total of 12 techniques. You also do more than one taigi. I would rather do a 4 man multi-attack (randori) than be either nage or uke in a taigi. In a randori you are judged by how well you survive the attack. In a taigi, every little movement is scrutinized by a panel of judges.

It's clear from Doshu's online interview that Aikikai isn't having any sort of competition soon. But who's to say that another organization, like Tomiki style, can't have an Olympic Aikido event? It would just showcase their competitive style of Aikido at a higher level. Also, the visibility of the event could help create interest in all styles of Aikido.

Like Kami mentioned, competition has taken over Judo. However, there are also judo groups like Zen Judo which are non-competitive and concentrate on perfecting technique. Perhaps there is also enough room in the world for both a martial art and competitive approach to Aikido.

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