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Re: Aikido no good for self defense??

Dave Organ wrote:
The 'attacks' used in aikido are meant to teach nage to move against attacks from a given direction - IOW; to deal with an attack vector. They're not valuable as real-life attacks; try a shomenuchi on 'the street' and see what happens.
All The time, however not knowing the good Japanese words for it they call it an overhand beer bottle to the head.....

Most fights that I have seen, not a huge number but a few, seem to start with someone grabing the other person. There are a lot of the "attacks" that we learn in Aikido that do mimic real "street" attacks. Yokaman is definately a beer bottle up side the head, or a punch to land on the ear. It probably will not come as a hand edge, but the vector and the reply are the same.

Self defense is more than the defense of ones body in the face of a physical attack though. How many ways are you attacked everyday ways that never involve anyone touching you.

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