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Re: Aikido no good for self defense??

allow me to respond on youre question from my perspective, or my point of view, and hope that i convince you.
When people say that AIKIDO is a weak master, i beleive that they know nothing about the art. because aikido my friend is not concerned only in techniques, and how to apply the technique. while in kick boxing or muway - thai with all respect to the two diferrent schools, there is no philosophy or spiritual ideologies, any way, the real purpose of Aikido, according to the founder, was to make and to preserve peace, to make the world more beautiful and peaceful. let me ask you a question what is youre concept of budo??. as aikidoka evry day we use aikido, not necessarly against physical attacks, but as you deal with youre every day problems. at the end i dont beleive that any type of martial art is no good for self defense. the problem is not in the martial art but it is in the person whose practicing it.
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