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Re: Aikido And The Law

George, your points are valid,although I've never been trained to Hesitate. Yet I have often heard my fellows complain that they are "more afraid of being sued than shot". This comes from the litigious society that we are in now. And the tendency of the smart cop now is to do nothing, and/or to give the impression as of such. To not go out looking for trouble, there are way to many reasons to state that could cost a guy his life for probing into essentially nothing. I went from hotrod to slow lane quick after seeing what has and does happen to an officer who is zealous to just do his job. The brakes are hard to apply man. But if one is to make a career out of it, crucial. What tactics our fathers and grandfathers applied on the street(which commanded order in the streets very quickly), would get a newbie fired so quick today.Sad but true.
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