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Re: Holding Up Half the Sky: Women in Aikido

Yes its a very nice DVD.
The intro kicks ass, and several of the women have sharp, snappy, flowing realtime technique.
A couple of them apparently forgot what a realtime technique is like, maybe due to their age, I don't know - but the same can be said of men.

This DVD overall has Aikido movement which is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than anything I've seen in say, Aiki Expo.
I don't know why. Maybe because several of these women actually have their technique work purely on _technique_ and not power.

Some of the stories these women tell are interesting, too.
Some just drone on.
Thankfully there's Aikido footage to get you through them.

Another little grudge - despite clearly strong technique of the female nages, none of the female ukes in the video knew how to deliver a mune tsuki or shomen uchi with any degree of intent.
Also, in all of the randori demonstrations there was always a uke or two who was just standing and waiting for nage to be "ready" for them.

But then again this, unfortunately, can be said for many men as well.

Final note:
I don't know about feminist views or whatnot, but this DVD is worth owning if you're the kind of person who likes collecting videos of good Aikido, period.
There are some awe-inspiring movements in there which remind you what Aikido is really like.

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