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Re: Aikido no good for self defense??

Dave this is where you are wrong! He has made a threat to do bodily harm to you. He has already broken the law. Simple assault by threat due to his size and at minimum disturbing the peace. Legally he is the attacker.

However you still have to do everything in your power not to make the first physical attack or you will blow your self defense plea right out the window. Now it doesn't matter if he threw the first blow or you did, both of you can still be charged with simple assault or disturbing the peace pending on the laws where you are from.( I am speaking from the laws in Mississippi ). If it is simple assault a misdemeanor charge which is a charge less than a felony provided that no law enforcement officer has seen the crime take place the burdon of charging the attacker is on you. This puts you in a bad position if you have assaulted him because he can charge you. If you both charge each other its up to you and your lawyer to prove you were defending yourself.

In this case you have chosen to strike first but only to subdue your attacker long enough to make an escape. The fact that he is so much bigger than you makes you afraid for your life and you only attacked out of fear for your well being. Then you escape after the moment he has been subdued with Nikyo ura which caused very little injury if any to him.

This is a very good argument for your defense. You used a minimal amount of force to escape what is potentially a deadly encounter.
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