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Thumbs down Re: Holding Up Half the Sky: Women in Aikido

I really think you guys need to watch this video/ DVD. I have and it's excellent. I do not think you would be having this discussion if you did.

This video does a wonderful job in telling the experiences of these 10 women. You will welcome their candor, as well as their diversity of views of a people who practice aikido ... who just happens to be women. This isn't a feminist diatribe against men. This DVD reflects ten different women's experiences. I enjoyed Lorraine DiAnne's testimony as much as Penny Bernath's. And Jane Ozeki's as well as the other women that I can' remember. My biggest overall impression was that most of the women didn't really see their experience in aikido as special "women's" experience rather than just their particular experience.

I found that the purpose of this DVD was to show that, yes, women can have strong aikido, women aren't all that different from men, we like to train hard as much as the men, and here we are, some of the top instructor's in the USAF. As a woman, it's nice to see their strength, skill and even grace on the mat, although they are all role models that anybody, not just women, can look up to.

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