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Re: Aikido no good for self defense??

Oh Lord no; not again.
Hello Steven, and welcome to the Aikiweb!
Steve; don't ask a Porsche owner if you should buy a Ferarri.
Aikido is entirely defensive in nature - it has no structure for attack. MMAers point to this as proof of its weakness and unsuitability for defense.

What place attack has in defense; I don't know.

What they're missing is that while aikido is defensive; it is not passive. Nor is it gentle if applied in crisis. (Or at least, not always.) It is extremely effective for defense; but it is not effective for fighting. The point of aikido is not to fight; but to put the attacker in a position where he cannot continue his attack.

For additional info; I suggest you read this page. It deals with Martial arts as applied to defense from an objective viewpoint. Read it; then make up your own mind.


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