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Re: Aikido And The Law

daniel vanhee wrote:
Hi all, where i worked and most US departments, use what is called the "One -Up Rule". This is where police can respond on a force scale from mere physical presence all the way to deadly force determined on the force presented by the perp. We don't attack, we attempt to de-escalate situations. Many of the public just don't get that. So, for instance if you weild a blade in front of the police-your headed for the coroners shelf. Or it may go the other way if you can be talked down and subdued by "softer" means.Thats on you. If you raise your fists, he may raise a baton, or engage you with back-up officers with or without: OC spray, or stun etc. The police have to win. Thats their job.They are forced to make split-second decisions that may have long range consequences. The police dont fight, they stop the threat. The police dont kill, they stop the threat. They are there to assist. They are there to save your ass, not kiss it. Of course this will not make everyone happy to hear, but regardless, remains true. Take care, keep training.
Well of course,
This is not "sport fighting: in which we are attempting to set up a "fair" fight. These law enforcement perssonel are putting their bodily health and their lives on the line. They are allowed to and actually expected to win. Anyone who expects a police officer to use lesser force than the subject is, in my opinion, motivated by some political agenda and not any concern for the lives of the officers themselves.

The unspoken motto of many departements is: "An injured officer is cheaper than an injured subject". So they cave in to popular pressure and teach their officers to hesitate when they should be decisive, to attempt lesser force when they should be fully committed. This leads to dead officers but you never hear the public say a word about that. You only hear every body yelling when another subject is killed.

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