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Re: Aikido And The Law

Dario Rosati wrote:
I agree with you on the sensei case (but disagree on the samurai one; if he stopped his slicing frenzy, then there was no need to shoot him dead and was not "self defence", exaclty as pursuing an escaping guy to kill him -even if he entered in your house and punched your wife- isn't).

According to the paper, people were throwing soup cans at the supermarket samurai to fend him off. Perhaps he wasn't finished with his slicing frenzy. Even if he had stopped and was just standing there, the police officer still would have been well within his legal right to use reasonable force to stop the threat (aka shoot and kill him).

About 25 years ago, a gunman walked into a McDonald's near San Diego and killed about 20 people. Other people fled and the police surrounded the area. According to your premise, since he had stopped shooting (aka there were no more targets because people ran away), there was "no need to shoot him dead." A police sniper shot and killed him.

With regards to the escaping guy who came into your house and punched your wife, you would never tell the authorities that you chasing him down so you could kill him. People should say they were in the process of trying to apprehend a fleeing violent felon (conspiracy to commit a crime, burglary and assault if not assault with a deadly weapon or force). They were afraid he might come back and hurt him or his wife since his capacity for violence has already been established.

Furthermore, one could always claim repressed memories of childhood abuse triggered the fear and anger which led to the chase and unintentional death.

Everyone's always searching for how aikido applies to their life. There are many ways to evade and deflect, whether it be an incoming strike or responsibility.

Dunno why, but if you use a martial art to hurt someone, even if he deserved it, looks negative to many people of the general audience.
"Cobrakai" and "Niko" effect maybe?

Someone I know was playing pick up basketball. After he realized emtions were running high, he started to walk away. The aggressor threw a basketball at him and hit him on the back of the head. The victim turned around to see the aggressor charging him. The victim ducked (sudori) and the aggressor started falling over. The victim stood up and catapulted the aggressor over. Since the aggressor didn't tuck his shoulder, he landed on his face and skidded forward. The aggressor was taken away on an ambulance in a neck brace. The victim was questioned by the police. Several witness said all he did was, "he ducked."

He was skillful enough to execute a technique but make it look like an accident...

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