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Re: Aikido And The Law

Hi, as a side-note, I was a sworn peace officer and was certified in a course entitled "Police Aikido" taught by an Aikido instructor (Hi George!) who was trained to do so under P.O.S.T. criteria. So from a cops perspective, I always try to gather as much info as possible from both sides,witnesses, video etc before making a decision to charge a certain party.Yeah, if its a fight and we roll up on it, both of you may go into cuffs for a few until it is sorted out, and sometimes, YES, both parties may be charged. Generally officers CAN tell who who started what, and who did what to who, a short amount of time.If in questioning someone about their perceptions of what happened and they told me that they used Aikido to defend themselves, I am much more likely to cut that person some slack in the matter.
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