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akiy wrote:

If someone grabs my shoulders and stands there strongly, I can't break someone's nose? If someone charges at me like a bull, I can't just simply throw them right into the shomen? What about a sharp open-handed backhand to the eyes?
Jun, you got some "aiki issues" here!
Just kiddin' Brings to mind the "mugging" type randori on the Seagal tape, "Path Beyond Thought." Very neat to watch.


This kind of randori, I think, is basically an exercise (just like almost everything else in aikido) to get people to practice their movement -- tai sabaki. Too many people get caught up in throwing their uke rather than moving, and I feel that randori helps people in working on moving around...
-- Jun
Ditto. I think randori an excellent way, for new or old, to test in a somewhat controlled way their ability to think on their feet, and to move their feet! Definitely a check on "presence" of mind to be able to keep moving while surrounded by chaos.

Too often nages are trying to engage so they can do throws, and forget what I call the "Miyagi principle:"

Daniel-san: "What's the best way to handle a punch."
Miyagi: "Not be there when it comes!"

Excuse my memory of the lines

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