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Aikido And The Law

THIS IS A GENERAL POST. I'm curious to see if anyone has ever had any run-in with the law from using Aikido ( Or any other Martiual Art)
Several weeks ago, I had an unfortunate confrontation with a drunk who tried to knife me.
While it was over quickly, I was left wondering, what would have happened had the drunk been seriously hurt or some bystander injured in the flying arms and legs.
Fortunatly, for me the cops just wanted to know if I wanted to press charges against the drunk. Nothing else.
What are the Liability laws like where you live regarding your use of Martial Arts as a self defense? At what point does your use of MA become a liability verses a asset?
Where I live there are some people who have to register thier hands as weapons- Whats it like where you live?
Of course, I know there are some folks in Australia who now have problems toting around thier Iaito because of the "sword laws". .
What is your take?
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