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Re: Iaito and bokkens @ Airport customs

Chuck Gordon wrote:
When I've flown with swords and sticks, I've used a hardshell rifle case and checked them as luggage ... always worked fine for me.

me too.

went to Japan and back last November.

Walmart aluminum gun case with iaito, bokuto, and shoto.

U.S. didn't care as long as there were know guns going out. Ran through X-rayed, sniffing machine whatever it was going out. Opened looked at it and closed it.

Japan opened it up looked at it going in. Tested the iaito with a magnet to see if it had any iron (big no-no). Going out examined again.

Don't know what they did coming into the US. Just picked it up at luggage after getting through customs.

Allow time for examination and keep calling it "sports equipment".

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