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Richard Elliott
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Re: aikido crisis. :(

David Knowlton wrote:
Richard Elliott wrote the response at bottom:
David Knowlton wrote:
all good advice. take a piece of paper and ask yourself why you study aikido.
right down the answers. save the paper.

take a break. and try laughing. i showed a little girl a tiny correction friday night and she scooped
me off my feet in iriminage with as much effort as pushing a pencil. i hit hard and came up laughing!!!
joy comes from freedom. get yourself free!!!


halleluya! Amen. . . uh... Right on. Yeah,baby, yeah.
I mean affirmative.



Richard, are you agreeing or did i say something silly?

No billybob, I was agreeing wholeheartedly. I was the silly one. Sorry.

Respectfully, Richard
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