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Brehan Crawford
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I have a hunch that what you're getting at in your post is the same motivation that O'Sensei had in making Aikido nonviolent, focusing on protecting the person who attacks you as well as yourself, and in discouraging competition.

As far as I can tell, humans are the only parts of this planet that are actually concerned with "winning". We are always striving to dominate nature and control it, or other people, usually for something fairly trivial like financial profit. Nature isn't fighting back, it doesn't hold a grudge, and in the grand scheme of things I don't think it really cares about winning or losing--if it's even aware of the concepts.

I've (thankfully) never been in combat, or even any kind of serious physical altercation, but I've played computer games for entertainment for a long time, frequently in multiplayer, and developed a high level of skill in a lot of them. When I play against other people who aren't as skilled, and win consistently time after time, I start to feel guilty, like I'm dominating them cruelly, even if that isn't my intent. It's actually gotten to the point before that I'm not having fun playing the game because I feel so bad about winning--and if I throw the game I feel cheapened somehow, and then I convince myself to lie to the other player and congratulate him, which just makes me feel more guilty. So now I suggest we play co-operatively, and that way everyone has a good time....because everyone is winning. Even if the computer totally thwomps us, we had a good time working together.
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