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Irony wrote:
...But what if (and a big what if, because it will never happen this way) Aikido were treated as a performance art rather than a point by point MA competition? What if you were judged on the grace of your iriminages and the softness of your ukemi? How many people would change their minds about the Olympics? (And would you try to enter?)
Sorry Irony but this has already been done.

During the last few years, Koichi Tohei Sensei has devised a Taigi Competition for the Ki Society.

The participants are given point scores just like gymnastics. However their performance is based on timing, grace and other factors. There are top prizes both for nage and uke, since the participants are judged as pairs.

The focus is on cooperation, not competiton, since both uke and nage want to generate as many points as they can for their performance. However a Taigi Competition will have various other prizes such as top single nage and top single uke, top non-black belt taigi team, etc.

In some cases, one class a week is devoted to taigi training in some Ki Society dojos. It seems to be fairly popular, although I really can't say if it's growing in popularity among the Ki Society.

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