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Re: Ikkyo vs elbow or bicep/shoulder

Ian Hurst wrote:
<snip>As for the pin at the finish, whole different ball game. I've never been convinced by the ikkyo pin without a bit of nikyo thrown in (I know, heathen, burn the apostate) so I have to admit to a catch and release with ikkyo, hopefully at the kicking distance.
I treat the basic techniques as two-person kata to teach principles. Ikkyo is the foundation and nikyo, sankyo, etc. add to it.

If you're interested in an applied version, try one of these two:

1. When you have uke's balance broken and are ready to take them down, put the knee/upper shin of your inside leg over their shoulder and ride them down. You'll end up with your inside leg on top of their shoulder and the arm braced over your outside thigh. You have both hands free to do whatever comes to mind.

2. Take them down as normal, but at the very end, angle toward them and slide closer so that their arm is bridged over your outside thigh and the inside thigh is against their ribs. You have a hand on their elbow and there is nothing but 6" of space under it. You are telling them very explicitly that you can snap the elbow in a big way...

Be careful,

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