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Greg Jennings
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Re: Ikkyo vs elbow or bicep/shoulder

Ian Hurst wrote:
Greg, is their lead foot planted yet or not? Also, to project or not to project - that may be my question
I'm just trying to provoke meaningful conversation...

If you're interested in what I, personally, do...

In our kihonwaza, nage initiates with tegatana to uke's face. They are in ai hanmi and there is no step.

Before my first instructor kicked me out of the nest and sent me to Goto Sensei, I did the "elbow over uke's ear" version even under these circumstances.

Goto Sensei transitioned my practice to the "spiral out" version. It, or rather the concepts behind it, rippled through all of my aikido.

In ki-no-nagare, if my timing is good and I catch a shomen on the way up, I sometimes still recruit that energy and take it over their head. But, rather than ikkyo, I now tend to do a projection as you mention.

But, heh, that's me and my cosmology. There are lots more out there that work.


Greg Jennings
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