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Re: Ikkyo vs elbow or bicep/shoulder

If the blending is good it shouldn't matter, however anybody teaching you to hold below the elbow is just plain wrong. This is for two reasons.

To control the shoulder you must hold just above the elbow (I usually say to ensure that the thumb is in the soft inner bit of the bend of the elbow). Otherwise uke can just drop their elbow and escape. (I know Tony said the converse; when I mean 'above the elbow' I mean towards the shoulder)

Also, one thumb width above the elbow (on the outside) is a pressure point (which can actually be used for knock-outs). Sometimes it is convenient to use the blade of the hand on this point rather than a grab - this tends to make uke turn away and bend over (ideal for ikkyo).

Thus don't hold below the elbow, don't hold the elbow directly, hold so the index finger and thumb are just barely above the elbow. Try these variations and you'll see why.


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