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Re: aikido is weak

Stuart Caue wrote:
ok... You guy's can attack me all you want but, you know i'm right. Deep down inside that is you know.

In karate you can punch and kick although I think kick boxing is even better because you really know how to punch ( gloves) and kick a lot (you hear.. KICKboxing). In aikido you just pretend to throw and hold the other guy down on the floor (or women).

You know! A hard kick will stop you in your spin's. spin.....kick... fall.

You SAY you are better than karate or kick boxing but where's your proof, all you do is pretend with each other? I've never even seen an aikido fighter in a real match. Take off your shirt and try to fight. It will never happen right? Just a lot of talking and talking. sound like the biggest dumb ass in the world right now. How dare you accuse Aikido of being weak. If you are ever in SC, come to Columbia to Stronghold Gym on either Tuesday or Thursday or even a Saturday and see how weak it is. I do agree with you to a degree, some students tend to fake the falls and throws and even the pins. I, myself on the otherhand, was told I either throw to hard, pin to the point of breaking a shoulder, or something like that and I'm just a beginner. How did I learn it you ask? Because I took what I learn when I was going against it and then tried it myself. Better yet, go up to any instructor of any type of Aikido and attack them out of the blue without warning. I garuntee you will be suprised as to how real Aikido is.