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You know, this kind of information would make an interesting web page. Perhaps an additional field to the Dojo Search on Aikiweb can be added, where people can mention their policy towards visitors? This would have been very helpful for me - once I turned up to a dojo in Dublin that was on the same street as the one I meant to go to... it turned out to be the HQ of some commercial aiki-group in Ireland and they wanted to slug me 10 Irish Pund for the lesson when my own dojo charges 1.50 Irish Pund for regulars and interstate visitors are free. Thankfully I went on to discover the dojo I'd meant to turn up to. The Public Service Aikido Club on Pearse Street not only didn't charge me but made me feel welcome to join in their pub session afterwards. I had a great time and it made me feel much better about the quality of Irish Aikido Clubs.

Adam if you came to Western Australia you'd find training at four dojos (Aikikai, Yoseikan, Tomiki, and Yoshinkan, not including my club's style of aikijujitsu) at least 5 days a week and for little if any charge. And I'm sure that I could organise someone to stay with for a week if you come over. We don't get heaps of foreign visitors but enjoy them when they come along.

Lots of people come to Australia for holidays, I imagine that your holiday choice will influenced by what *other* things you intend to do when you're travelling.

good luck with it

liam - Uni of Western Australia Aikido
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