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akiy wrote:
sceptoor wrote:
Is it possible I may have torn something??
If so, how can one tell??
By going to a doctor...

-- Jun
I meant, is there an easier way to tell than going to see a doctor?? Since I no longer have MEDICAL INSURANCE after changing jobs last year, going to a doctor is a very expensive option and see no need in racking up a medical bill for x-rays or MRI's to tell me something I may be able to tell on my own by doing some simple tests. I figured, this has to be a common injury, common enough that there may be someone here in this forum that could guide me through whatever tests that would tell me whether or not I tore something. If I have, THEN, I may be willing to see a doctor. I left the doctor option out of my initial question because I had already ruled it out in my mind. But thanks anyway JUN.

I'm starting to doubt I did tear something, but when I hit the mat it didn't sound good at all. Maybe it was my bone scraping cartilage as it popped, I don't know, but I was hoping that someone else here may know exactly that "sound" I'm talking about and tell me if they healed quickly or if it took months.

Thanks in advance

C. Martin

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