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Richard Elliott
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Re: Dojo loyalty or personal gain?

My suggestion would be to ask some of the former students what happened. If it is something relevant to you as a student consider it. There may be a substantial reason the dojo seems to be disintegrating. If it doesn't seem like something that affects you as a student i.e. it seems to be an issue confined to the teachers, you might ask your Chief Instructor if there is anything you can help with or be of service for. This might be a great opportunity for you to get experience in dojo admin or some other thing you might have talent at and enjoy. Sometimes with political or personal problems that infect any group, after a while it is sometimes hard to find out the causes or who's to blame. If no one seems to want to talk about it or you get vague responses, let it go. If you think your Sensei is o.k. offer your services.

This might not be relevant to your dojo politics, but I've been an Episcopalian for almost 20 years and I know these things can be pretty painful. I almost had a nervous breakdown one time--for goodness sake!
God bless ya

Respectfully, Richard
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