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Last night I recieved my first injury. yay.

As I was sensei's uke several times, we were working on some new techniques(new to me anyway), and at one point I needed to slow down during the "demonstration", and therefore had less momentum than I was used to, and ended up landing on my shoulder pretty hard. I should note that I heard a sort of popping/crunching sound.(?) After that, I could no longer perform rolls on my left side, and didn't have much strength to even lift my arm,, let alone do huge circles over my head. I also had trouble rolling on my right side after that, as it seemed to affect my left side anyway. I put ice on it(on and off for a few hours) and took some advil and am hoping for the best, but my real concern is long term damage. Is it possible I may have torn something?? If so, how can one tell?? It seems to feel the same as it did last night. Although I can move it in most directions, it is not without pain, and I especially cannot make any sudden movements. I particularly have trouble extending my left arm in front of me and then crossing over to my right, or forming a "wheel" if you will, seemingly the same position my arm would be in while taking a forward roll. Anyway, any suggestions?? Has anyone alse had this happen to them??

C. Martin

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