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Re: oyo henka

Charles Hill wrote:
Hi Bryan, thanks for replying. As I understand it, oyo refers to practical application and henka means change from one technique to another. On the dvd, Saotome Sensei seems to use the term to indicate a very specific practice, when uke stops nage from doing a particular technique. For example, when nage tries katatedori shihonage, uke can lower her weight and brace against having her arm being raised up. Saotome Sensei shows how to use that resistance to do another technique. The narration refers to another type of practice where uke tries to reverse the technique, what we usually call kaeshiwaza, right? This practice is refered to as kumite geiko. My experience has been that in practice of a more free nature, both of these get mixed up. After seeing the dvd, I`m thinking that separating the two and giving them specific names might be a very good idea. I`m wondering how teachers have incorporated this strict separation in their classes. I teach high school students, and frankly, they are too immature to handle this kind of practice, but I`m still interested in hearing opinions and ideas.
Hi Charles,

I`m going to research this a little more, will get back to you soon.



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