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aikido crisis. :(

has any one felt disillusioned or just not interested in aikido after training for a while? if so, how did you get yourself out of the funk so you could train again?

i've been studying aikido for the past year and a half...and it's been great... but something about it has changed for me. i'm no longer interested and i don't care if i ever step foot into the mats again. i can't quite get to the core of why i feel this way... especially when the dojo i train at is really wonderful.

i went to our weapons class for the first time in a few weeks... and my heart wasn't there. i knew that it should've been.

yes, i know that i should just stop worrying and train... but should i keep training when i'm not really there? i'm not sure i want to be there.

i want to continue with aikido because i see how positively it's affected me... and i know i have so much more to go... but i don't know.

i think i'm having some sort of aikido-spiritual crisis or something.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
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