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Abu Dhabi
Re: The Zen of Jazz.....

Hi Jacob,

I've always been into jazz and in particular, improvisation. Anyone can improvise in music irrespective of playing ability. It's simply a case of someone starts playing something, another joins in and the process evolves. No one knows where they're going, but that's not the point - it's the journey to that place that's important. On occasions when everyone merges as one, that's called being "in the zone". It also teaches you to listen to others and learn how to interact. Some surprising music can be produced through improvisation.

This also applies to Aikido practice. Just play around with your partner as you spar - without consciously thinking about techniques - and you may discover some interesting things can be achieved. Ultimately - like music - Aikido should flow effortlessly with little or no conscious thought. Mind and body as one.

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