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Abu Dhabi
Re: The Zen of Jazz.....

Hi Matthew,

I can definitely relate to what you're saying. I was a jazz-fusion drummer for 30 years and would often find myself "in the zone" - meaning, that at that time, I had totally transcended beyond the mere mechanics of the playing into a place where everything just became as one. Sometimes, I would even lose myself so much in the music, that when listening back to recordings, I suddenly begin to play things and interact in a way that I never felt was possible! I am a big fan of genius guitarist, Allan Holdsworth's music and I can feel the intensity of being "in the zone" in all his music. His whole band just let themselves go. The interaction between drummer, Gary Husband and Allan is total oneness - their chemistry is astounding! While working as a drummer, I was amazed at the amount of musicians I met who practiced Aikido too!

There is this same connection in Aikido. It's like centering yourself and being at one with your Ki. It's something you can't force - it just evolves naturally. I have recently begun training in Aikido again after a long period of illness, and now I'm searching for "inner peace" and a sense on oneness. Ultimately, I believe it is possible to find enlightenment through Aikido. That is my quest. I've given up drumming now to focus entirely on this search.

I know it may sound far-fetched and idealistic, but Aikido has always felt right for me, and I feel drawn into it. I also believe that by studying this Art for these reasons, rather than for self-defence, will be more rewarding and make you grow inside.

Take care,

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