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Re: Poll: How important is knowing step-by-step kihonwaza (basic techniques) for beginning aikido students?


As a new student to Aikido, I think that it is imperative. It is the basis/basics of what we do. As a teacher of anything (Aikido, drumming, whatever) I feel if you don't give the student a solid understanding of the basics you are setting them up to fail and as the student if you don't incorporate that information and build upon it you are failing yourself. How can you expect a new student to be a good uke without teaching them the basics of giving, protecting and receiving? How can you expect a new student to be a good nage without teaching them leading, moving in a centered fashion, projecting, breathing, etc etc? I know that If I wasn't shown things in a step-by-step way from the beginning I would be a lot worse off. And based on testimonials and my own experience (to a minimal degree) time and practice will round and smooth things out...and all those steps will become one solid technique.

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