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While I agree that the Aikitaiso contains all the waza one may need, I feel it is the interaction in the dojo that allows one to ultimately grasp the principles behind them.
Otherwise, once one has learned the Aikitaiso, why not just quit you dojo, practice Aikitaiso for 30 years, and then call one's self a master?
To further illustrate,
If I have a pimple on my nose, all the world can plainly see it, however I am oblivious to it. In this state, I may tout myself as perfect and without blemish, however my peers can instantly see the opposite is true.
There has never been any victory that can be considered a true victory by those who have not sought the council of others. To walk the path alone is to invite ignorance, self delusion, arrogance and failure.

-When two blades cross points,
There's no need to withdraw.
The master swordsman
Is like the lotus blooming in the fire.
Such a person has inside of them
A heaven soaring spirit.
- Tozan Ryokan
4th verse on the 5 ranks
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