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Holding Up Half the Sky: Women in Aikido

Posted 2004-09-07 17:49:46 by Jun Akiyama

I just found out about the video "Holding Up Half the Sky: Women in Aikido." It is described on their website as, "A video portrait of women aikido instructors. This sixty-five minute video/DVD features 10 of the top pioneering women in aikido from The United States Aikido Federation. Including interviews and demonstrations, the video/DVD shows the commitment of these instructors who have influenced the art of aikido through teaching widely either at seminars or as chief instructors at their own dojos." It features Penny Barnath, Barbara Britton, Coryl Crane, Lorraine DiAnne, Gloria Nomura, Yoko Okamoto, Jane Ozeki, Kristina Varjan, Susan Wolk, and Gina Zarrilli, all women who hold at least a 5th dan in aikido. The video (VHS or DVD) is available at

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