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Re: Osu!

Shaun Donovan wrote:
Just like in Japan, it is rare for someone to say "domo arigato gozaimashita" because for most things, it is viewed as a little bit of overkill. Most people would literally gasp at it's casual, everday use. It is reserved for extremely purposeful occasions.
Purposeful occasions like say at the formal closing of a class ?
I don't hear it being used otherwise much in dojos except in that instance.
This is really not relevant.

The same is true for my style and the hakama. We simply don't use it except for extremely special occasions. I like to think that there are common sense, utilitarian reasons for this. My instructor can see what my lower body is doing all the better so he or she can correct me.

I think that a negative view of the word was spread simply because of ignorance. . . perhaps by post-war styles and offshoots. The whole issue makes me think of trash-talking, hakama-wearing prima donnas.

um....perhaps by what ?

You seem to be carrying around a big chip on your shoulder of us-them baggage and what almost sounds like hakama-envy.

"Osu" apparently means different things in different contexts. What language doesn't have such complexity ? According to what is posted here, those in the Yoshinkan feel that "Osu!" has a deeper meaning than what the general public in Japan is aware of. Why are you looking for a conspiracy ?

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