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Craig Hocker wrote:
an old thread.

As Peter indicated, it's used quite a lot in Yoshinkan but not at all in other Aikido organizations. In some Karate schools you will hear it a lot.
I have seen no evidence that is was ever commony used outside of Yoshinkan lineage schools.

Far be it from me to defend Homma Sensei, but what was quoted really is not far off from what I have heard from other native or fluent speakers of Japanese. In most contexts it's a way bit too informal.

My understanding is the origins of "Osu" is in crude informal usage among young males - around college age.

It's not hard to believe that particular group may have derived a very specialized flavor to the meaning in a particular context.
Yep. An old thread but one I had to address.

Indeed, you're correct in saying that it isn't used much in other schools/styles outside Yoshinkan.

However, my head instructor is quite fluent in Japanese because he grew up in Japan and was one of the first to learn from Shioda Sensei. In my style, the use of "onegaishimas" in place of "osu" is a little bit too formal, if that is possible, which I think it is. Just like in Japan, it is rare for someone to say "domo arigato gozaimashita" because for most things, it is viewed as a little bit of overkill. Most people would literally gasp at it's casual, everday use. It is reserved for extremely purposeful occasions.

The same is true for my style and the hakama. We simply don't use it except for extremely special occasions. I like to think that there are common sense, utilitarian reasons for this. My instructor can see what my lower body is doing all the better so he or she can correct me.

I think that a negative view of the word was spread simply because of ignorance. . . perhaps by post-war styles and offshoots. The whole issue makes me think of trash-talking, hakama-wearing prima donnas.
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