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Richard Elliott
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Re: Article: True Self Defense by George S. Ledyard

Richard Elliott wrote:
Dear Sir:

To me, this remembrance involves what I believe is the gut of your essay: to remember who I am and all this entails, which you have masterfully alluded to.

... live their lives in integration with the secular and sacred, and aspire to ever greater learning and love for such wholeness, compassion, dignity and friendship that you have alluded to in the essay.

This hope is what attracts me to categories of thought that integrate living and caring in the world with the spiritual aspirations of finding the truths of human existence, which you seem to represent as True Self-Defense.

Sorry for the very excessive length, but I couldn't help it.
Mr. Ledyard
After re-reading your piece I recognized that you didn't actually mention anything specific concerning the positive aspects of the discovery of the original or undifferentiated self.
I was somehow "struck" by your essay and maybe I was reading more into it. As I reread it your essay was mostly, it seems, concerned with the (negative?) process of working off the "false selves". Maybe I was having a "fit", I donn't know---but a GOOD fit.

Even if there is the state of oneness that is characterized as "undifferentiated", it still seems that a person would have to live this truth of existence through a unique way that can only be their own.
This may be obvious to all or I may be mistaken or just did not understand.

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Respectfully, Richard
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