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Re: The Zen of Jazz.....

Good to know there are some other Jazz/Aikido fanatics like myself out there! (I was just sitting here surfing the net and listening to "Studio Jams" on the BET Jazz channel when I saw the title of this thread)....I've been a fan of Jazz for a long time too, and I can relate to what you're talking about. There are many parallels between Aikido and music, but Jazz in particular with its improvization. I personally play the piano/keyboards (albeit very badly) and bass. I can't count the number of times I've used the analogy of learning to play an instrument and music to learning Aikido...particularly when junior students start to express frustration with their "lack" of progress. Usually I'll ask people if they've ever tried to learn to play an instrument like the've got to start with basics, like learning how to read the notes on paper, where to put your fingers, how to sit at the keyboard, then you've got to learn the various scales, chords and modes, etc. Then you've got to..practice, practice, practice... before you can really start to "feel the groove" and play "in the moment". Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, Vince Guaraldi, etc. make it look easy, and beautiful.... just like advanced Aikido practioners do. There are years of unseen practice when you listen/see those guys. Enough of my pontificating...

Keep swingin!

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